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Automatic cycle rod cutting machine available in two basic models, with a hydraulic power of 50 and 100 tons respectively (corresponding to a maximum rod diameter of 32 and 40 mm). For both models, the number of collection tracks (from 1 to 4) and their length are configured according to the customer’s requirements.

The rods, more than one at a time if necessary, are introduced in the infeed mouth and pulled along the channel by powered rollers at a speed of more than 100 m/min., measured and cut by a powerful hydraulic shear and then transferred onto the powered roller collection tracks from where they are sent to the workstations.

The entire structure rests on a sturdy frame fitted with powered wheels for traverse in front of the store and tracks of the bending and storage stations.

The fully automatic cutting cycles are programmed, stored and controlled by a dedicated industrial computer which can be interfaced with remote PCs.


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