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Hydraulic welded mesh cutting machine complete with mobile cutting head with two pairs of opposed blades for cutting in both directions.

Head feed speed can be adjusted up to a maximum of 25 m/minute to adapt to the different diameters and mesh width. Cuts mesh up to a maximum diameter of 12 mm. Is available in two models for meshes with a useful length of 4 and 6 m.



Hydraulically-driven machine for bending welded mesh panels. The work cycles are controlled by an electronic appliance complete with keyboard-type programmer which can record 60 cycles containing up to 10 angles to be carried out in sequence.

This machine is available in a basic fixed-arm version with differently-shaped 19- to 28-mm bending arbors and an exclusive variable-arm version that makes it possible to form difficult shapes without rotating the mesh and to bend the various diameters according to regulations.

The standard models have a length of 4 and 6 m which can be modified on request and are able to bend up to 12-mm mesh.


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