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The Smart Futura Robot, designed and produced by OSCAM, is a modern, versatile bending system able to carry out all reinforced concrete rod shaping operations in a fully automatic cycle.

The system consists of a sturdy powered roller track which feeds the rods and acts as storage bench.

The lifting levers, driven by hydraulic cylinders, that position the rods above the bending units for fast transfer between the bending pins, are installed to the side of the track rollers. The minimum distance between the bending pins varies between 1.0 and 1.24 m according to the various models.

The two bending units move to the distances set by the computer and perform the bending operations set in sequence at high speed.

"Smart" refers to the new software, fully compatible with Windows, which promotes extremely simple, efficient interfacing with a remote PC and the remote control.

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The user interface is particularly simple and user-friendly.

The REVB version is equipped with patented bending heads that produce shaped parts with negative angles in a fully automatic cycle.

Bending capacity:

Mod. M1: Max. 36 mm diameter bars

Mod. M2: Max. 42 mm diameter bars


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