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OSCAM has developed a system, designed and produced exclusively by the company, for low-cost, automatic measurement, cutting and handling of large quantities of reinforced concrete rods: the "RED LINE" cutting line.

Unlike other drop-down type systems that unload the material onto the floor, our system unloads the cut material onto a mobile conveyor for direct transfer to the work benches without using bridge cranes.

System dimensions, the number of tracks and collection and routing stores are adapted according to the customer’s requirements.

The system features three independent control systems, i.e. automatic, semi-automatic and manual, in order to cater to a wide range requirements and to guarantee continuity of production in the case of failure of one of the systems. The control cycles are programmed and activated from the control console which can be interfaced with a remote PC in order to program the work orders from the offices.

The heart of the system is the T300 shear, equipped with a mobile supporting frame in order to increase the cutting accuracy, able to cut large bundles of rods (up to twelve 32- bars at the same time).

Capabilities such as fast counting, measurement and cutting, high speed transfer and fast, versatile evacuation of the material mean that this system is able to cut and handle large quantities of rods (more than 100 Tons/shift).


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